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First, thanks for purchasing Ron’s book: 21 Days to Success Through Networking!  I hope you find the adventures of Gnik a great read and full of tools to build your personal and professional networks.  A key to the success of Crundwell Digital is based on the relationships I’ve built and the referrals I’ve received from those relationships.

It also helps to have a great website for those who want to do additional research on my company, products and services.  A good website is as important as the sign on the front of your business.

Crundwell Digital Marketing just relaunched a month ago.  Ron was challenged with a site that he could not easily update or manage on his own.  It was not optimized well and had no mobile display.  He wanted an updated presence that could help promote his new book and showcase his speaking events, online videos and sell copies of his four books.

We created a very simple, easy to navigate website that focuses users to four key areas of the website.  Each page was reviewed and edited to improve the content’s for relevance and optimization.  We also migrated his blog posts and podcasts to the new site for easy reference.

Finally, we added Google Analytics to provide Ron access to real-time data to understand better how his site is being consumed.

Take advantage of this special offer for a review of your current website and how Crundwell Digital can take you from where you are to were you want to go.  Just fill out the form below.

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