Small Business Web Design in Indianapolis

Small Business Web Design in Indianapolis

Crundwell Digital takes your from where you are, to where you want to go.

[callout size=”col-12″ last_column=”true” title=”Is your website costing you business?” description=”Does your website work on mobile devices? If not, we can help you design a site to work on all tables and smartphones.” button_title=”More Info” button_link=”” button_size=”normal” button_rounded=”false” button_color=”orange”]

[box title=”Personal Service” link=”#” icon=”icon-star” size=”one-third”]Our goal is simple – your business’ success. We develop easy to use websites for you and your consumer[/box]
[box title=”Responsive Design” link=”#” icon=”icon-tablet” size=”one-third”]We strive to build sites that can be easily viewed on phones, tables and desktops.[/box]
[box title=”Packaged Services” link=”#” icon=”icon-money” size=”one-third” last_column=”true”]One size does not fit all. We have several packages to choose from and custom options as well.[/box][/boxes]

[box title=”SEO” link=”#” icon=”icon-search” size=”one-third”]We understand how to effectively optimize your site. We optimize for the human – your consumer first, then optimize for search engines that now crave relevant content.[/box]
[box title=”Business Services” link=”#” icon=”icon-tags” size=”one-third”]Take control of your business pages on Google Local, Foursquare, Yelp and more![/box]
[box title=”Don’t forget social” link=”#” icon=”icon-facebook-sign” size=”one-third” last_column=”true”]Go where your consumers are! We will set up your social media presence and show you how to grow your social audience.[/box]

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