Digital Consulting Services

Current Site Review

You already have a working website, but just want to make it better?  No problem.  We understand that many companies and small businesses have invested a lot of capital into their current website and don’t need a complete overhaul.  Crundwell Digital is happy to be that “second opinion” and we provide freelance digital consulting services — tailored to your needs.  We will be happy to review your current site (both front-end and back-end) to see how you can improve your product with the tools you already have.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, is the catch-all term for getting people to your website and converting them into customers.  Inbound marketing includes, blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, Social Media Marketing and more.  It’s all integral parts of your overall search media optimization.  As a small-business the biggest challenge is keeping your site updated with new and relevant information.  The Crundwell Marketing team will work with you to help write quality content to keep your website fresh.

Media Consulting

It’s the black sheep of our product line, a legacy to our founder’s first career path.  For almost a decade Jason Crundwell managed websites for broadcast news properties in Ohio, Texas and Indiana.  His experience and dedication earned him several AP awards, two regional Murrow award and a SPJ award for best website.

If you’re a general manager of a television station, radio station or newspaper, Mr. Crundwell is available for an in-depth media digital consulting, onsite review of your digital efforts and how they can be improved.

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